The Future of Mask Fitting

Finding the right mask for your CPAP therapy can be a challenge. A mask that doesn’t fit properly can lead to discomfort, leaks, and an ineffective therapy experience. This is where Maskfit AR comes in, offering a revolutionary new solution to mask fitting in partnership with Redmark.

Maskfit AR uses augmented reality technology to provide a seamless and personalized mask fitting experience. The technology scans your face, measures key data points, and generates a custom fit report tailored to your unique needs. This eliminates the guesswork and frustration associated with traditional mask fitting methods, ensuring a comfortable and effective therapy experience.

In addition to its numerous benefits for traditional mask fitting, Maskfit AR is also a game-changer for those in remote areas of South Africa who may not have access to specialized mask fitting services. With Maskfit AR, users can easily and conveniently get a custom mask fitting experience from the comfort of their own homes, without having to travel long distances to a specialist clinic.

Furthermore, Maskfit AR is an excellent solution for busy individuals who may not have time to attend traditional mask fitting appointments. With its easy-to-use, hands-free approach to mask fitting, users can complete the process quickly and efficiently, without the need for time-consuming clinic visits.

In summary, Maskfit AR is an innovative and accessible solution that makes mask fitting easier, more convenient, and more effective than ever before. Whether you’re in a remote area or simply short on time, Maskfit AR can help you achieve a comfortable and effective therapy experience.


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