The future of medical devices

The future of medical devices

The future of medical devices is looking bright, with plenty having been said for a need for today’s company’s to look forward into the future for inspiration.
So what do the future hold for medical devices and their users? Well, smart, wearable devices with integrated services and intelligence seem to be where it’s all heading.

Tech companies, for better or for worse, are attempting to develop medical devices that would easily enable self-diagnosis while simultaneously promoting the idea of preventative care.

Dr. John Rogers Ph.D. believes that these customized solutions will soon become the norm and revolutionize how patients and doctors utilize and interact with medical devices.

In the meantime, Redmark offers its clients a host of products and services related to in-home medical devices, which have and continue to improve the quality of life for a growing number of South Africans. We aim to bring more innovative technology-driven medical devices to market, as we believe this is the future of helping people to live longer and healthier lives.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming post, where we will be exploring some of these medical devices, like smart inhalers, 3-D printing, wireless brain sensors, and health wearables in more detail.